Monday, 5 April 2010

Borussia Dortmund v Werder Bremen

BvB - Werder Bremen, 15:30, April 3rd 2010
Pre-match:- Stroebels Biergarten, is only 50m from the Stadium, near to the Sudwest Tribune, and on Stroebelallee, it has a welcoming, fun atmosphere, with large screen TVs, showing wall to wall football, and current chart music. It has both an in (Biergarten), and outdoor area, and serves both food, and drink. from around 12-24hr. Taxis are available 1hr after matches end. I enjoyed several biers here pre, and post match, the bar staff were exceptional.Within the Westfalenstadium/Signal Iduna Arena itself, there are numerous food, drink, and BvB Souvenir stalls, offering reasonable value, given the location. Bier mainly is Warsteiner, (too good for sobriety) sold both in Stalls, and by mobile bier sellers, who often chant "Hier ist Dortmunds Wasser"..Here is Dortmunds water!!! Fast Food, including Bratwurst, French Fries, Pizza etc. is both fast & fulfilling. The BvB fans in the Sud,West, & Ost Tribune, were exceptional for the Bremen game, when in the main, the Sudtribune carries the team".
POST MATCH - After the game, Dortmund has many facets, many of which are not appropriate for this site!!!! Limericks Irish Bar, 200m from the Main Train Station, regularly has good live music acts, and also serves "british food, eg Fish n Chips, across from this Bar is the Taj Mahal, a really good Indian Restaurant. The Lamb Bhuna I enjoyed on Easter Saturday, was fantastic.
I should really add your 2000 website to my favourites, but can't remember my log-in. I'm sure I had one a few years ago? Anyway Mate, here's looking forward to the Wolfsburg game, 8 points to a Europa League place, and with mega, mega, mega, luck, a Champions League place may be possible? So here's hoping Leverkusen F-Up big time
From Ronnie Stephen