Monday, 18 February 2008

FC Gütersloh 2000 v SC Preußen Münster

Oberliga Westfalen Germany

FC Gütersloh 2000 2 SC Preußen Münster 0
Feb 18th 2008 3.00pm
Attendance 2,296 (cap 12,200)

Weather Very cold and sunny -2

Ticket Standing 6 euro
Atmosphere 3/5
Ground 3/5
Referee 4/5
Food 4/5 (1.80 euro for a bratwurst)
Beer 3/5 2 euro Yeltins

Munster fans

Gutersloh fans

A Fact
Gutersloh managed to play their way into the 2 Bundersliga in 1966 , on the strength of a Regional league title, for a three year stay, but in 1999 they were crushed by their 7 million DM debt. The club was dissolved by a court and all its results for the season annulled.

Duisburg v Borussia Dortmund

Bundesliga 1.

MSV Duisburg 3 Borussia Dortmund 3

MSV Arena
Feb 2nd 2008 3.30pm
Attendance 29,120 (cap 31,000)

Weather cold and sunny +4

Stand RWE Tribune
Ticket 29 euro

Two nuns having some timm cuisine at Duisburg station

DVB Fans

Old scoreboard outside behind the goals

Duisburg fans on the march

Duisburg the "Zebras" spent nearly twenty years in the upper league before slipping to the 2nd Bundesliga in 1982-83 and then becoming one of German football's "elevator teams", named for their frequent up and down moves between divisions. Even so, they managed another eight seasons in the Bundesliga over two-and-half decades.

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