Monday, 18 February 2008

FC Gütersloh 2000 v SC Preußen Münster

Oberliga Westfalen Germany

FC Gütersloh 2000 2 SC Preußen Münster 0
Feb 18th 2008 3.00pm
Attendance 2,296 (cap 12,200)

Weather Very cold and sunny -2

Ticket Standing 6 euro
Atmosphere 3/5
Ground 3/5
Referee 4/5
Food 4/5 (1.80 euro for a bratwurst)
Beer 3/5 2 euro Yeltins

Munster fans

Gutersloh fans

A Fact
Gutersloh managed to play their way into the 2 Bundersliga in 1966 , on the strength of a Regional league title, for a three year stay, but in 1999 they were crushed by their 7 million DM debt. The club was dissolved by a court and all its results for the season annulled.