Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Pollok FC v Bellshill Athletic

West Of Scotland Junior Super Premier Division
Pollok FC 4 Bellshill Athletic 2
Newlandsfield Park Glasgow
August 23rd 2009 2pm Kick off
Attendance 600 (Cap 4,000)
Weather Mild And Sunny +16

A Fact
Formed in 1908, Pollok were one of many average clubs in Junior football in Glasgow. The club eventually rose to prominence upon the demise of Third Lanark in 1967 with many supporters opting to support Pollok, being in close proximity on the south side of Glasgow. Pollok eventually became champions of the Central League in 1978–79, and won their first major honour, the Scottish Junior Cup in 1980–81. 'Lok have since gone on to win the Junior cup a further two times, in 1984–85 and 1996–97 From Wikipedia