Monday, 11 May 2009

Fortuna Dusseldorf II v FC Gütersloh 2000

Fortuna Dusseldorf II 2 FC Gütersloh 2000 1
Paul Janes Stadion
May 10th 3pm Kick off
Attendance 213 (Cap 7.150)
Weather Warm And Sunny +22
Ticket Seating 9 Euros
Stadium 3/5
Dus Fans 3/5
Gutersloh 5/5 ( Around 50)
Referee 3/5
Beer 4/5 (Frankenheim Dark Ale 250ml 2 Euros)
Entertainment 3/5
My Route By Train
Gutersloh Hbf - Dusseldorf Hbf 1hr 50mins 
Taxi To Stadium 8 Euros 

A Fact

The Paul-Janes-Stadion in Düsseldorf-Flingern is one of Grounds from Fortuna Düsseldorf (1930-1972, 2002-2005 and 2005-2007 (Evasive). It is named according to the long-standing Düsseldorf football national player Paul Janes since 1990. Before 1990 was it called "Flinger Broich" or "Fortunaplatz".
After World War II, the British army took over the stadium. After a storm in 1958 the corrugated sheet roof was destroyed. In 1967 the clubhouse was established on the area from Fortuna Düsseldorf.
During a removal of the Rheinstadion in the 70s the Paul-Janes-Stadion was a Bundesliga ground. It received in addition a Bundesliga suited floodlight installation.
Another removal took place in the 2001/2002 year, so that the Fortuna have a satisfactory ground after the demolition of the Rheinstadion. After completion of the LTU arena in 2005, played Fortuna Düsseldorf yearly up to three home matches in this Stadium till 2007. The other matches was played in the modern LTU Arena. The Paul Janes Stadion is already used for the second team matches (Fortuna Düsseldorf II) and for Test-, Friendship- and Pokalmatches.
In 2006 the stadium during the football world championship was in 2006 the venue for the biggest "publicly Viewing" arrangement in a non-world championship city in Germany. Beside 12,600 places for the fans in the stadium there was all around the stadium a purchase and an entertainment program in particular for children.From Wikipedia