Monday, 8 June 2009

SC Verl v 1.FC Köln II

Regionalliga West
SC Verl 0 1.FC Köln II 1
Poststraße Stadion
June 6th 2009 2pm Kick off
Attendance 450 (Cap 5,001)
Weather Cold And Wet +11
Ticket Seating 15 Euros
Stadium 3/5
SC Fans 3/5
Köln Fans 5/5 (Around 150)
Referee 4/5
Beer 3/5 (Herforder Pils 330ml 2 Euros)
Entertainment 3/5
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My Route
20 Min Drive

A Fact
SC Verl followers share a heartfelt rivalry with nearby FC Gütersloh whose supporters look down on the "village club", while SCV supporters in their turn tease the "big city club" over its inconsistent performance and financial woes.
FC Gütersloh were relegated last week and are now two leagues below SC Verl.