Monday, 14 September 2009

Westfalia Herne v Rot Weiss Essen II


Westfalia Herne 3 Rot Weiss Essen II 0

Stadion Am Schloss Strünkede Herne

September 13th 3pm Kick off
Attendance 400 (Capacity 32,850)
Weather Mild And Wet +17
Ticket Seating 12 Euros
Stadium 4/5 (Great Old Stadium Built 1932)
Referee 4/5
Beer 4/5 (Brinkoff No1 Pills 330ml 2 Euros)
Entertainment 3/5
Club Websites
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Goals On Youtube
My Route By Train
Gutersloh Hbf - Bochum Hbf 1 Hr 9 Mins
Bochum Hbf Underground - Schloss Strünkede Underground 9 Mins
10 Min Walk To The Stadium

Strünkede 1272 the lock chapel , today the oldest building in the city of Herne
A Fact
After World War I and occupation of the Ruhr by the French in 1923,Westfalia Herne was dissolved, but still carried on unofficially. It was reconstituted in 1925 through fusion with Fortuna Herne to play as Westfalia Fortuna Herne. The union was good for the club, which advanced to upper league play in 1930, and made it as far as the semi-finals in the national championship the next season. When German football was reorganized under the Third Reich, Herne was not selected for play in the first tier Gauliga Westfalen, but did manage to play their way into the premier circuit the next year. They competed at that level until the collapse of the league system at the end of World War II From Wikipedia