Sunday, 30 September 2012

SGS Essen v FC Bayern Munich

Frauen Bundesliga
SGS Essen 2 FC Bayern Munich 0
Essen Stadion (New Stadium Opened August 2012)

 September 27th 2012 2pm Kick Off 
Attendance 1,331 (Cap 20,650)
Weather Sunny And Warm +26

Match Details


Essen Stadion

In the first stage, the stadium is a classic Einrangstadion with 32 seats or standing rows. It will take around 20,000 spectators and meets the requirements of the German Football Association, the Regional and the third League. It can be used outside of the normal game mode for events and concerts.
A third stage is possible, in which an upper tier is set to the stadium to increase the capacity by another 10,000 spectators to 35,000 spectators.
The building has four floors, hot: In the basement are the player, press areas and storage areas of the catering and the mixed zone. The ground floor houses the office of Rot-Weiss Essen, the fan shop of the club's food culture fans 97A and other kitchen and toilet areas. In the 1st Upstairs is exclusively the business area Assindia . In the last and second Upstairs are the lodges and the area of the stadium announcer, stewards and the police.
Under each of the four stands are four toilets, said to be slightly less under the grandstand. Under the main stand is additionally a kiosk. At the opposite stand, there are two kiosks, the police station and one of the two branches of the AWO fan project . The host and the home grandstand each have three kiosks and the home grandstand on the second branch of the AWO fan project .
Altogether there are seven around the stadium ticket booth, including two on the counter, and guest home and a grandstand. Before the warm building To the stadium has yet, with the exception of the warm building nine stadium entrances. wikipedia

Sunday, 23 September 2012

SpVg Hammer II v Sportfreunde Lotte II

SpVg Hammer  II 0 Sportfreunde Lotte II 3
Evora Arena

Sunday September 23rd 2012 3pm Kick Off 
Attendance 85
Weather Mild And Dry +16