Sunday, 17 May 2009

Borussia Dortmund v Arminia Bielefeld

Bundesliga 1
Borussia Dortmund 6 Arminia Bielefeld 0
May 16th 2009 3.30pm Kick off
Attendance 80,200 (Cap 80,708)
Weather Warm And Sunny + 22
Ticket Seating 24 Euros
Stadium 5/5
DvB Fans 5/5
Arminia Fans 5/5 (Around 5,000)
Referee 4/5
Beer ? 500ml 3.40 Euros 3/5
Entertainment 5/5
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My Route
Gutersloh Hbf - Dortmund Hbf 55Mins
Dortmund Hbf - Dortmund West f Halle 15Mins
5 Min Walk To The Stadium

A Fact
At the 1974 World Cup, Zaire, Scotland, Sweden, Brazil and runners-up Holland played their first round matches at the Westfalenstadion. Dortmund`s football fever was back. This enthusiasm, that ruled the glorious years of the 1950s and 1960s, flared back up during the days of the World Cup and not only carried over to the matches but, also to the 2nd Bundesliga. Often more than 45,000 fans attended the BVB matches, approximately three times as many as at the "Rote Erde" stadium. BVB benefitted from its new stadium immensely. In June 1976, BVB returned to the Bundesliga and celebrated its comeback on the European stage in 1983. They won the German Cup (DFB Pokal) in 1989, the German Championship in 1995, 1996 and 2002 and reached three European finals. In 1997 they won one of these; the most important against Juventus Turin in the 1997 UEFA Champions League. From