Saturday, 20 September 2008

Rot Weiss Ahlen v Hansa Rostock

Bundesliga 2 (Germany)

Rot Weiss Ahlen 2 Hansa Rostock 2

Kevin Schindler 36min Rostock
Lars Toborg 44min Ahlen
Lars Toborg 61min Ahlen
Benjamin Lense 87min Rostock

Referee: Deniz Aytekin


September 19th 2008 6pm Kick off

Attendance 4,983 (Looked and sounded a lot more than that)

Weather Mild + 16

Ticket Standing 8 Euros

Stadium 2/5 (Temporary stands behind the goals made it look tacky)

Home Support 4/5
Away Support 4/5 (Around 400)
Referee 4/5
Beer 2/5 (Brinkoff No1 2 Euros small glass)
Entertainment 4/5

A Fact

After World War II attempts to rebuild local teams failed until members of eight pre-war clubs came together to form TuS Ahlen in 1948. The new side went on to many decades of routine play in the local upper leagues. In 1991 they were faced with a financial crisis and demotion to lower level play. A local benefactor, Helmut Spikker, helped bail the team out through the support provided by his firm, cosmetics manufacturer LR International.

From Wikipedia