Thursday, 5 March 2009

FC Gütersloh 2000 v SG Wattenscheid09

FC Gütersloh 2000 0 SG Wattenscheid09 1
March 4th 2009 7.30pm Kick off
Attendance 721 (Cap 12,500)
Weather Cold + 3
Ticket Seating 14 Euros ( Price Included Next 2 Home Games)
Stadium 2/5
Gutersloh Fans 4/5
Wattenschid Fans 2/5 (Around 50)
Referee 3/5  
Beer Veltins Pills 2 Euros 3/5
Entertainment 3/5
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A Fact

Gütersloh was formed in 1978 out of the merger of the football sides of Sport Verein Arminia and Deutsche Jugendkraft Gütersloh in the hopes that the new club would be more successful than its un-storied predecessors. The union was a bit of a surprise because of some ill-will that had existed between the clubs going back to Arminia's refusal to share their stadium facility with DJK, and so make it possible for them to play in the Regionalliga in the late 60s.

Both sides had bounced back and forth between the second and third division through the late 60s and into the 70s. After their merger they settled down as a mid-table Amateur Oberliga Westfalen (III) club, with a couple of poor seasons leading to relegation to Verbandsliga Westfalen (IV), but always followed by immediate promotion. The club managed to play their way into the 2.Bundesliga in 1996, on the strength of a Regionalliga West/Südwest title, for a three year stay, but in 1999 were crushed by their 7 million DM debt. The club was dissolved by a court and all its results for the season annulled.From Wikipedia