Monday, 21 September 2009

s.v.Excelsior '31 II v Go Ahead Kampen II

Dutch Amateur League
s.v.Excelsior '31 II 2 Go Ahead Kampen II 1
Sportpark De Koerbelt Rijssen
September 19th 2009 12 Noon Kick off
Attendance 35?
Weather Warm And Sunny +24
Ticket Free
Stadium 4/5 (Great Sports Park And Clubhouse)
Referee 0/5 (He Never Had A Clue)
Beer 4/5 (Grolsch 330ml 1.50 Euros)
Entertainment 4/5
Club Websites
My Route By Car
Landal Twenhaarseld In Holten - Rijssen 10 Mins

A Fact

Sport association Excelsior ' 31 an amateur football club from the Dutch town Rijssen is (Overijssel).At present they have approximately 1,450 members and 75 teams to the different football competitions.

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