Saturday, 27 March 2010

Borussia Dortmund II v VfB Stuttgart II

3. Liga

Borussia Dortmund II 1 VfB Stuttgart II 2

Stadion Rote Erde

March 27th 2010 2pm Kick off
Attendance 433 (Capacity 25,000)
Weather Sunny And Mild +17
Stadium 4/5
Referee Mr Tim Sonder 1/5
Beer 4/5 (Dortmund Kronen Pills 3 Euros 400mls)
Entertainment 2/5

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My Route By Train
Gutersloh Hbf - Dortmund Hbf 55 Mins
Dortmund Hbf - Dortmund Westfallen Halle Underground 15 Mins
5 Min Walk To The Stadium

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  1. As a "Dortmunder U" or "U-tower" refers to the former fermentation and storage tower of the Union Brewery. It was built between 1926 and 1927 as the first " skyscraper , "according to the plans of the Dortmund Dortmund engineer Emil Moog. [1]Here, the beer was fermented in open tanks yet. The truly multi-part building was built as reinforced concrete and stands on 40 pillars. The main tower is a two-stage, grid-building crowned by. On the roof is emblazoned since 1968 four times, 9 feet high, illuminated, golden "U" logo of the Union Brewery. Around the tower was built around it over time, an extensive complex of buildings.
    From 21 August to October 4, 1998, presented the agreement Hartware media art media art exhibition "reservations of longing" in Dortmund U.
    After the relocation of the brewery in 1994 after Dortmund-Lütgendortmund 2003, all surrounding buildings were demolished. Brau & Brunnen , built on the site, adjacent to the Winery Building, its new headquarters. Following the acquisition of Brau & Brunnen this office building was not needed anymore, and in February 2007 by the City of Dortmund, the Dortmund U and the surrounding wasteland for 25.5 million euros from the previous owner, Radeberger group , acquired.
    After the renovation is to use the Dortmund U is a cultural and gastronomic provided. In January 2008, was a creative reconstruction of the building into a center of decided. The Dortmunder Dortmunder U is the flagship project under the RUHR.2010 - Cultural Capital of Europe . On February 26, 2008 authorized the state government of NRW the reconstruction plans. The project will cost 46 million euros in total, of which 50% of EU funds from the Land NRW% and 30% funds from the city of Dortmund disputed 20th
    The Dortmund-based architects Gerber plans to open "art-vertical 'in the interior of the building, the outside cubes to be attached. An observation deck, catering and event and exhibition spaces to make a variety of uses possible. At the entrance is to connect to the planned city district, a covered piazza connect as. The Dortmund U to higher education institutions, institutions of media art [2]and stock photos of the museum on the East Wall record.[3]
    The first visible sign of restoration was December 19, 2008 at the landmark building located where the public pass on. To clock 16.07 which was new with 554 grams of gold leaf U occupied by the Dortmund Dortmund Mayor Gerhard Langemeyer and the architect Eckhard Gerber illuminated.[4]
    The building is only partially in May 2010 as part of the European Capital of Culture year Ruhr.2010 can be opened, because restoration of the historic building problems in the attic and basement are the construction occurred at. Be as complex to the opening only about 60 percent of its finished, the renovation itself is 3 million more expensive than expected circa.[5]
    At the foot of the building, a new urban quarter. In the East, gives the place of Buffalo , named for a sister city of Dortmund.