Monday, 9 November 2009

Hsv Hamburg v Glasgow Celtic

Europa League

Hsv Hamburg 0 Glasgow Celtic 0

Nordbank Arena

November 5th 2009 7pm Kick off
Attendance 45,037 (Capacity 57,274)
Weather Very Wet And Cold +8
Ticket Seating 25 Euros
Stadium 4/5
Referee Carlos Velasco Carballo (Spain) 3/5
Beer 0/5 (4 Euro for a Non Alc Holsten Pilsener 500ml)
Entertainment 4/5

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My Route By Train
Gutersloh Hbf - Hannover Hbf 1Hr 13 Mins
Hannover Hbf - Hamburg Hbf 1 Hr 25 Mins
Hamburg Hbf - Stellingen 15 Mins
15 Min Walk To The Stadium

Tournaments hosted At The Nordbank Arena

1974 World Cup

The 1974 FIFA World Cup was held in West Germany and the Volksparkstadion was one of the stadiums used in the tournament. In combination with the Berlin Olympic Stadium the two stadiums held all of the Group A games of the first phase. Three of those were played at the Volksparkstadion. The first game played was the match between East Germany and Australia where attendance dipped to a low of only 17,000. The next game, with the home side West Germany playing Australia, saw a bounceback with 53,300 in attendance. The attendance grew even more for the next match to 60,200 as home side West Germany played neighbouring East Germany. East Germany won the close game 1-0 with an 80th-minute goal.

Euro 88

In 1988 the European Football Championship came to West Germany. The Volksparkstadion was chosen to be one of the host stadiums. At the time the stadium could hold 61,200 spectators. The only game of the tournament that was played at the stadium was a semi-final that saw hosts West Germany go down to the Netherlands 1-2.

2006 FIFA World Cup

The stadium was one of the venues for the 2006 FIFA World Cup. However, due to sponsorship contracts, the arena was known as FIFA World Cup Stadium Hamburg during the World Cup.

The following games were played at the stadium during the World Cup of 2006:

DateTime (CET)Team #1Res.Team #2RoundSpectators
2006-06-1021.00 Argentina2-1 Côte d'IvoireGroup C49,480
2006-06-1515.00 Ecuador3-0 Costa RicaGroup A50,000
2006-06-1918.00 Saudi Arabia0-4 UkraineGroup H50,000
2006-06-2216.00 Czech Republic0-2 ItalyGroup E50,000
2006-06-3021.00 Italy3-0 UkraineQuarterfinals50,000

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