Monday, 13 October 2008

SC Herford v Rot Weiss Maaslingen

Landesliga Westfalen 1 (Germany)

SC Herford 5 Rot Weiss Maaslingen 2

Match Played On Astoturf outside
Ludwig-Jahn Stadion

October 12th 2008 3pm
Kick off

Attendance 150

Weather Sunny +19

Ticket Standing 5 Euros

Stadium 1/5
Home Support 2/5
Away Support 1/5
Referee 4/5
Beer 4/5 (1.50 Euros Herforder Pills)
Entertainment 4/5


  1. Great how you can make a game played in front of 150 people and on a public park look so good. Great pictures, keep them coming.

  2. Love the girl in the black tights you see that very often at Doncaster Rovers

  3. The burd in the black tights is nice but her maw looks like a burd from LEITH