Wednesday, 6 July 2011

VfL Bochum v Aberdeen AFC

Test Match

VfL Bochum 2 Aberdeen AFC 1

Stadion Am Schloss Strünkede Herne

Wed July 6th 2011 @6.30pm

Attendance 1,200 (Capacity 32,850)

Weather Hot And Sunny +24

Ticket Seating 10 Euros
Stadium 3/5
Referee 2/5
Beer 4/5 (Brinkoff No1 Pills 330ml 2 Euros)
Entertainment 3/5
Club Websites
Fan Forums
My Route By Train
Gutersloh Hbf - Bochum Hbf 1 Hr 9 Mins
Bochum Hbf Underground - Schloss Strünkede Underground 9 Mins
10 Min Walk To The Stadium


  1. Great photos Stephen looking forward to the rest.

  2. Must be a sad life to be a groundhopper.

  3. Hi Stephen, Did you not manage to see Sportfreunde Lotte beating Rangers? Lotte is not too far far from where you are is it?

  4. Ah I see, Lotte is the Forfar or Brechin of Nordrhein-Westfahlen. I hate it when there is no train station :-P When I saw Aberdeen were playing Bochum I had a feeling Groundhopper2000 would be there :-)