Monday, 22 November 2010

Ahlener SG v SG Sendenhorst


Ahlener SG 5 SG Sendenhorst 1

Artificial Surface Next To Ahlen Nord Stadion

November 20th 2010 2pm Kick off
Attendance 120
Weather Dry And Cold +4
Sports Park 2/5
Referee Mr Kurtis 4/5
Beer 4/5 (Krombacker Pils 330mls 1.30 Euros)
Entertainment 3/5

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My Route
Gutersloh Hbf - Ahlen Hbf 22 Mins
40 Min Walk To The Stadium

A Fact

On 8 July 1970 the side was joined with Sportfreunde Wacker 1920 Ahlen to become Ahlener Sportverein and in 1972 advanced to the third tier Amateurliga Westfalen Gruppe 1 where they would spend the next half dozen seasons as an upper table side. SV's best result was a second place finish in 1976 before they crashed out of what had become the Amateuroberliga Westfalen after a 17th place result in 1978-79.[1]

SV merged with Handball Sportgemeinde 73 Ahlen on 25 May 1993 and competes today as Ahlener SG 93 which has departments for football, handball, water sports, volleyball, table tennis and fitness; the handball side plays in the 2.Bundesliga. From Wikipedia