Sunday, 9 March 2014

Henderson's Colts v Park Thistle

DSAFL (Dumfries Amateurs)
Henderson's Colts 3 Park Thistle 5
Kennedy Park Auldgrith

Sunday March 9th 2014 2pm Kick Off 
Attendance 6 
Weather Mild And Dry +13
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Auldgirth is a village on the A76 road in Dumfries and GallowayScotland. Auldgirth village features 'The Auldgirth Inn', 'Auldgirth Stores' and the former Auldgirth Primary School. Originally inhabitants of Auldgirth located to the scheme, situated next to the A76, but in recent years this has expanded to the outlying areas due to rejuvenation programmes. The name Auldgirth is generally agreed to come from the Scots 'Auld Girth' (EngOld Girth), because of the high level of horse and coach traffic it once experienced. At one time it had a manned railway station, situated one mile south of the village, just before the hamlet of DalswintonCarse Loch and the Friar's Carse country house hotel are located nearby.From Wikipedia

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